Professional Wedding & Candid Photographers

"Clicking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich the reality is"

We all glad to see a day which fulfils the purpose of the life, we go speechless, we will be surrounded by all our lovable people with all positive energy, celebrating the bliss. For all of us those tingling moments comes into our mind and create instant happiness. You always have a thought of living that moment again? Right? Our frame captures and reproduces in a candid way. We arrest the moment of your happiness that you have celebrated and do our duty as a best wedding photographers in Chennai.

Service of 'Hasinistudio' extends to candid photography, outdoor and indoor shooting, bridal makeup and other beauty services, pre & post function shoot. Cinematography, editing is all done by a separate team to make the picture more attractive.We ensure the comfort of the client, so we take care of the lighting and the electrical wires in such a way that it does not disturb you or your guests. We use harmless CFL and LED lights and arrange it without disturbing the client's precious time. Experience is the perfect way to professionalism. Being addressed by those professionals is the delightful happening for every upcoming artist. Hasinistudio takes a huge being recognized as best professional photographers in Chennai.

We respect all your rituals and traditional thing, we will not interrupt you for posing, we picture your rituals as same as what you do, but in a creative and candid way with the expertise like best candid photographers in Chennai. To make the candid pictures more lavishing we use the drone shots, levitate shots, Shade of couple shots, miniature shots and so on. Candid clicks is the real emotions and spontaneity to capture, this photographic technique needs quick response in capturing others emotions and also very unique when it is printed. This is the most trending photographic style can be done in a creative way by the professional photographers in Chennai.

Printing albums is a fairy tale for every couple. We use latest and enhanced techniques in making albums. It comes in all desired shapes and sizes with various variety like hand crafted albums with leather, wood, or the metal finish. The advanced album styles include flush mount wedding albums, coffee table wedding albums, soft cover albums, matted albums.

Guaranteed uniqueness

We are not like similar to any other professional photographers in Chennai, we have our own unique style of capturing pedagogies. We also want to make clear that no picture will be repeated in the album. Uniqueness in all dimension is guaranteed.

Affordable cost

We offer it in a very affordable cost, whereas we believe in 'art is priceless'. Any number of albums can be printed based on the requirement of the client and it is sent with a well finished packaging to the client with free transporting cost.


Professionals of Hasinistudio will always strive for perfection and we try it to the maximum level. We provide the photos with no thumb mark or any image cracks. We print the albums in ultra slim binding with water proof and scratch proof.


  • Thank you for capturing all of our special moments. You are and amazing photographer and have surpassed our expectations. We wish you continued success for the future.
    Mr. Alex
  • We wanted to sincerely thank you for being our wedding photographer. Our wedding was exactly what we were hoping for and we were glad to have you there to capture every moment. You did an amazing job at capturing the "special candid" moment, including when I wiped away Scott's tears in the ceremony. We are looking forward to going through all of the photos and putting together a wedding album.
    Mr. Ram
  • Hope all's well. Thanks for sending the wedding album over - we received it this week. Tammy and I both think it's spectacular. We absolutely love it! We are so grateful to you for producing an amazing album to show off those beautiful pictures you took. The word we keep using to describe it is spectacular!
    Mr. Balaji
  • We just wanted to say a huge thank you for our photo album. The photos are absolutely stunning and the album itself has received so many compliments by all who have viewed it!
    Ms. Vinitha
  • Thank you for the amazing job you did on our wedding day, we felt in safe hands all day. Every single photo was one I was proud of.
    Ms. SriNisha