About Us

When you are busy in portraying your life with the most colorful moments, our artist eyes behind the camera will never miss to capture the creative, candid and spontaneous junctures. Our master of art Mr.Karthic leading this holistic place of 'Hasini Studios' with skillful photography experts who are renowned to be best Wedding Photographers Chennai for the past 5years. The proficient experts is not only made by their brilliant sense of art but also the studio which support them with first rated tools like camera 5d mark 3 and 5d mark 4, Lens 70-200 tele lens. With that they are being eagerly waiting to prominent your moment in the way it was meant to be.

Photography is not always about the camera and lens that we focus on. A Professional photographers in Chennai do throw a light on several other major things like the best lighting effects which gives good focus, the location which is refreshing and give new life to your memories. Your life is beautiful in its way, so we ensure the uniqueness of the captures which should not be comparable with any other. We also make sure that the captured pictures should a life with our dynamic composition because every special moment should get the place that it deserves to be.

Videos are the real moving pictures of your fantasy wedding. We add music which is close to your heart which is being enhanced further by the highly experienced cinematographers knowing your deepest sense & feeling of the traditional family setting. In these videos we also cover with high quality and endeavoring pictures of the wedding assisted by the popular geeks of Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai.

Our ultimate aim to preserve your memories which yourself did not realize that it has been existed, so we always ensure the rest hours and capture you with comfort. Our rewards may not reach us immediately, we want you turn to the pages years after and have the same wow factor that you have on that day. So we provide you the album with non-tearable synthetic sheets which lasts for generations to speak to you and your memories.