Bridal Makeup

When every women turns as a bride they deserves to be very special and look best. The hairdo of the bride, makeup is the main focus of everybody's attention on that day. The bride will feel confident and comfortable when they have already done the bridal rehearsal earlier. We facilitate all your comfortableness on that day to the maximum.

India is the region with diversity of culture. Now-a-days trending in south India is the wedding with 'sangeeth', bridegroom in white horse, dance and singing performance. To make the wedding to look like perfect north Indian style, there are three things that fulfill the purpose, makeup, clothing and their accessories. We will equalize the makeup and accessories based on what clothing style that you have chosen. We have beauty experts who were in this field for many years. They are very patient in listening about your dream wedding and give suggestions based on all the above said criteria. They will help you in choosing the accessories and the style of makeup.

We have a bridal makeup kit which comprises of certain things. We will always want you to be aware of the things that we use and checking to the quality of the things is the most important. We here are transparent in revealing the information because we ensure all the information needed by the client in prior.


This is the foremost step that locks the makeup. It is the foundation which needs longer endurance and it is easy to apply.

Liquid Foundation

This foundation evens the skin tone and gives the smooth palette that eases the application of other products. When bride is with fair complexions then they can go with the foundation which has the hint of pink. While applying this kind of liquid foundation we use the smooth sponges.


To avoid fingerprints in your makeup base, we use sponge to diffuse your base for a natural finish.

Shimmery Pencil

Eyes are the most powerful tool to gain the attraction, so we use the smudge in the inner corner of your eyes to add more subtle spark to your look. We also add bottom-lash mascara to your lower lashes for an extra hit of the definition.

Whitening of Teeth

In a very short time to make your teeth whiten using the bleaching kits and stripes, to give a better smile for the big day.

The bridal makeup is not all about being priciest on the market but as the oil free and long lasting. Timeless makeup look will keep your wedding pictures as fresh as possible forever, so it's better not to give in the fads of the day.

Significant Services

Skin care

Expertise esthetician of 'hasinistudio' will look at your skin under a bright lamp first and then through the brightly lit magnifying lamp. Then with the idea of what type of skin you have (oil / dry /combination /sensitive /normal). The aesthetician we have chooses the appropriate products and treatment and consults with you and recommends which suits you the most and make you more adorable.

Facial and makeup

Doing facial is the most important part of the bridal makeup because it gives the complete sense to our makeup. It will make your skin to feel younger and preserve your beauty look. It cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, promoting a well-hydrated complexion skin. There are many types of facial (golden/ silver/ pearl/ Metallic) offered by the 'hasinistudio' which differs in their own way and differs in their level of outcome. Facial massage will make you both relax and stimulate your skin and facial muscles.

Hair styles and cuttings:

We tend to dedicate this service with different styles across various age groups. Various services in hair cut is straightening, perming, baby cut, layer cut, boy cut, 'U' cut, 'V' cut, level cut.

Other Basic Services:

Skin care

Threading: We shape the eyebrows according to the face shape, eyes with the high quality threads.

Nail: Nails are considered to be the crown of fingers and we tend to shape it further and make it smoother

Waxing: Wax treating will make your skin more smooth and polish. High quality wax will act as a protection.

Bleaching: We make your skin fairer by bleaching it; care to be taken that you should not expose your skin to sun light.

Pedicure and manicure: This is the cosmetic treatment of the legs and hands involving the shaping, removal of cuticles and softening of the skin.

We try not to be too dramatic, but there is a secret which is seldom revealed. Just experience it!